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Design Works Collection


Selections of graphic design I finished between 2014 - 2016;

1 / Cocktail Menu Design for Equinox

Produced at The Projects*

Equinox held a party at NYC Bond St. The Party is divided into two themes: Hiphop and Disco

The menu is designed based on these two themes with an emphasis on mysterious, contemporary and fitness sense

2/ CalArts Alumni Events: Promotional Posters

The informational poster is branded with two joint gradient balls.

It not only presents an exchanging thought goal for this event but also delivers a spirit of being bright, creative, and generous.

The color choices of this series fit with the color palette of California Insititute of the Arts brandings. 

3/ Motion Graphic: CalArts Greeting E-Card

This motion graphic card is a Christmas E-Card designed while I was working for CalArts Career Service in 2015. Our office sent out this E-card with the official greeting email to the whole school and community.

4/ : HHCLA: Poster Design & Illustration

This poster is designed for HHCLA: Homeless Health Care Los Angeles. This organization Founded in 1985, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles has helped more than 200,000 of the most marginalized and impoverished individuals and their families in Los Angeles through medical, behavioral health, and quality of life services.

The goal of this promotional poster is to use the cartoonish aesthetic to deliver information about how to prevent overdose, and how to save an overdosed person's life. I designed a bear and a cat as two avatars to show the instruction which adds intimacy and calmness to the audiences. 


5/ : Rounder Than You Think

Rounder than you think is an immersive performance in LA Vortex Dome by CalArts Immersion Group. This poster is the promotional poster for this event. 

CalArts Immersion Group is developing original audio and visual material specifically tailored to envelop audiences in a 360-degree viewing environment. Working with Vortex Immersion Media, CalArts students are creating digital content for the company’s state-of-the-art dome theater, located at LA Center Studios, in downtown Los Angeles.


The resulting work will blend immersion with interactive elements. Combining artistic process with technological R&D, students mix high and low tech techniques—ranging from game development systems that create real-time rendering in space, and live performance and music, to 2D and 3D projections, and low tech theatrical illusions. Vortex’s proprietary software and hardware also contribute to this new form of cinematic theater. 

Rounder Than You Think

6/ : Weber Shandwick Feb Challenge Calendar

This is a checkboard calendar designed for Weber Shandwick LA office. It hosts a monthly fitness challenge for encouraging employees to keep fitness in the working days. The design idea is to bring energetic and motivated spirit to the company tradition.


6/ : Promotional Posters: Calarts Career Service

This series of posters are designed while I was working at CalArts Career Service. CalArts is an experimental art school that has a very dynamic interdisciplinary group of art students. The posters kept the design tradition at CalArts to be experimental and saturated.


7/ : Magazine Design

This publication is to deals with the challenge of visual complexity​.

It incorporates multiple themes: Fashion, Art, Tea Culture, etc. The layout is inspired by maximalism.


8 / : Mistical Fragments

This art show poster is designed for a group of textural artworks.

By blending almost fifty different photograph textures, this poster aims to fit the information and concept of this show. 

屏幕快照 2014-11-24 下午3.40.31.png

9 / : Informatic Poster

This poster is an informative poster that introduces the history and methodology of ink wash painting.

Equinox Cocktail Menu
CalArts Alumni Event
Greeting E-Card
HHCLA poster
Rounder Than You Think
Feb Challenge Calendar
Career Service Posters
Zine Design
Mistical Fragments
Informatic Poster
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