Volume of Voids





Publication and Exhibition

Accepted by IEEE VISAP 2020

will be exhibited virtually in Oct

Volume of Voids is a set of generative artifacts that represent the volume of the voids between objects and human bodies. Inspired by the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, people are keeping social distancing to overcome the invisible enemy - Coronavirus. It influences the way people live, communicate, and social in a profound way.

When people keep the distance from objects and other people, what is the volume of voids between them?

This project incorporates the techniques of photogrammetry, algorithmic design, and 3d printing. The organic artifacts are not only a poetic representation of the invisible border between people, but also a critical response to the transformation of human networking under a historical pandemic. The volume of voids aims to provide a collective feeling of alienation between different beings.

疏离之重 是一组表示物体与人体之间空隙的体积的数据生成雕塑。受当前COVID-19大流行形势的启发,人们正在保持社会距离,以克服看不见的敌人——冠状病毒。它深刻地影响着人们的生活、交流和社交方式。




Volume of voids provides a conceptual response to those questions by incorporating the techniques of photogrammetry, algorithmic design, and 3d printing to create a set of organic artifacts. Different scenes are captured during this pandemic period volumetrically by using photogrammetry techniques. Thus a point cloud of position data (XYZ data) is generated. Those points are used to create multiple boundary edge curves on their XY planes which are later  implemented to create the planar surfaces. Those surfaces with the different Z axises are connected, lofted and controlled by different algorithms, such as bezier and perlin noise. The reason to add those mathematical algorithms to the Z-axis curves is to add uncertainties to constructions of those objects. The world is constantly moving while those invisible spaces between us are unstable, fluid, and unpredictable.

疏离之重通过结合摄影测量、算法设计和3D打印等技术来创建一组有机的艺术制品,不同的新型冠状肺炎期间的场景通过三维捕捉记录成数据云点 - XYZ位置数据的点云。多个边界通过点在XY平面的位置来创立边界曲线。这些平面后来被用来创建平面表面。这些具有不同Z轴的曲面通过贝塞尔和珀林噪声等不同的算法进行连接、放样和控制。将这些数学算法添加到Z轴曲线的原因是给这些对象的构造添加不确定性。世界在不停地移动,而我们之间看不见的空间是不稳定的、流动的、不可预测的。


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