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Titles In Mind



Integrated Media Center
CalArts Digital Arts Expo 2016



Interactive Media Installation

Data Visualization & Sonification


'Titles In Mind' is a visual exploration between human minds and raw data. With a consistent interest in the obfuscation and obliteration of narrative through the process of interactivity and installation, I created a transformative condition for new narratives derived from my use of found materials (Chinese Newsprint).

The visuals in the environment vary based on the level of visitors’ concentration, while the beats of a clock tick in response to visitors’ movements. The interactive system rethinks the relationship between bodily experience and means of literacy, which open up the artistic possibilities for information exchange across multiple mediums.

This project emphasizes the tension between the materiality, interactivity, and technology that blurs the hidden lines between culture semiotics and the machine. Newspaper for me is not only the representation and miniature of social society and culture, but also a metaphor for time and space. Newspaper are typically produced daily or weekly, and present data in multiple time and space chronologically. This project addresses the emerging field of interactive system to create a loop between viewer and environment, which pushes the boundary between abstraction, space and interactivity.

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