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Thursday Night


UI Design / Branding 


A website designed for CalArts Thursday Night Gallery Opening Events that happen every Thursday. People will share art and beers that night. I design this website for people to check the artworks that exhibit on Thursday night. The design extends the art exploration from physical space to the online world. Users can use this website as a platform to form a community, share comments  and save the favourite artworks

1.Choose the work you like in selected gallery
2.See the detail page of this artwork, including artist statement. 
3.Save the artwork by press on LIKE
4.Go to comment page at the end of the page
1. Log in
2. Go to your own homepage
3. See the artworks you saved before.
4. Press on the image and see the comments of this art piece, and leave a commment if you like.
Select a gallery and View the works exhbited in this gallery before.
Circular icon is designed based on the doorplate of each gallery. 
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