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Hero's Journey
Stage Storyboard for a imagined story
I designed the story and visualize it.

Stage 1: Planet X is polluted by virus and once people get attacked by this kind of virus, they will aging much faster than before. Alex is a ordinary but special person. He is ordinary because he is a student who studies hard and wants to be a greatest scientist in the future. He is special because he is the only person who is immune to virus.


Stage 2: one day, a stranger visits Alex in his study room. He tells Alex a big secret. There is a person called Dr Tom knows how to clear the virus. He lives in a secret place with his daughter in a special planet. If Alex could find him and ask for help, he could save the world.


Stage 3: But Alex refuses him, he doesn't know wether he should trust this strange guy or not. He is afraid of losing his parents and friends if he could not go back. The special planet is full of mysteries, that's too risky to go.


Stage 4: Alex go and find his mentor Dr Wilson, asks for suggestions. Dr Wilson said: dr Tom is a master of all the technology, I knows him for a long time. We should go and take the risks!


Stage 5: Alex and dr Wilson take a spaceship and arrive at an endless desert in the special planet


Stage 6: They wondered out and have no clue. Suddenly, they find a girl in a coma. Dr Willson uses his medicine to save her. Alex tells her their story and tries to find some clue of looking for Dr Tom. Surprisedly, This girl, Raven, is actually dr Tom’s daughter. Rave tells them that her father has been kidnapped by some local villains in the devil’s cave, they forced him to develop a energy ball to control the world. They even steal all the equipments in their house, including Raven’s spaceshi


Stage 7. Dr willson thinks he is too weak to go to the devils cave, he is getting older fast. So he gives all his belongings in the spaceship to Alex, and tells him he could not make it.


Stage 8. Raven and Alex make it to the Devil’s Cave. Unfortunately, they are caught by the guard, Gabriel. He takes them to his lead, Drax.


Stage 9. Alex uses his weapon cut the cord, and runs towards Drax. Trying to defeat him


Stage10. Alex wins, and spares Drax’s life. Alex asks Drax to show where Dr Tom is and promises not to seek revenge.


Stage 11. However, Drax lied. He leads a large group and corners Dr Tom. At this time, Dr tom takes out two invisible coat which are his new invention. Alex and Raven wear it and kills Drax and his guard Gabriel.


Stage 12. Finally, Dr Tom is save. Alex tells him his stories. Dr Tom is really appreciate Alex’s help. He decided to go to Alex’s planet and save the people there. They returned home together and clear the virus finally. People there live happy and long.

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