Virtual Reality Art Installation

Duration : 5 - 10 minutes

Selected Exhibitions:

Invisible Machine

University of California, Santa Babara

Media Arts and Technology Program


Times Art Museum, Beijing, China


Navel, Los Angeles

Video Documentation / Screen Recording of a visitor's experience​

Project Statement

Fantastic Shredder is a Virtual Reality experience simulating the mechanism of a paper shredder and reconstructing the shreds of Chinese 1980s posters with fragmented Chinese characters.

In the 1980s China began to implement economic reform, modern Chinese commercial posters took on a new face with a bold, surreal, and saturated representation of consumption and promotional slogan. Modern Chinese posters symbolized daily objects with a surreal aesthetic and shaped culturally through its use in social interaction. 

In this project, I collected hundreds of 1980s posters as raw visual data, processed them digitally, and translated them from 2d imagery to 3d animated models. The spatial narrative is created by fusing aspects of algorithmic agent-based behaviors of objects, symbolic visual information, experimental sound, and interactivity. Materiality is carefully concerned about incorporating digital painting and photo scans into texture development. The optical illusion is developed makes visitors wonder and lost in the space, while the autonomous objects (fragmented Chinese characters, strokes, marks) guides the visitors to travel.

Fantastic Shredder addresses William S. Burrough’s ‘Cut-up technique’ with contemporary approaches. It results in a state of disequilibrium that engages narratives. It seeks and argues the meaning-making process of information through the artistic simulation of shredder, and investigates the question of how the cultural semiotics will be evolved and reassembled through the communication between human and machine.

Video Documentation / Installation View [ 2018 Times Art Museum ]