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California Institute of the Arts, C 107, Studio Openning





This is an installation piece consists of video piece, photographs, and wood sculpture.

Idea of this project is coming from a late night journey to nowhere. Although we drove really fast, the feeling of being trapped in the same place of sublime. Emotion was exaggerated.

This journey made me think of space between reality and dream. Before people fall asleep, they are in a state between reality and dream, which is a journey in the whole darkness with some color dots blinking. These dots are the color they saw before they closed their eyes remained on their retina. The experience of counting sheep is similiar to the journey of late night road trip. People get to sleep when they repeat these simple, repetitive numbers.



I was fascinated by this dream-reality-between state. When we closed eyes at night, the space is endless. It drives you to nowhere, but anywhere. In order to present this environment, I make a video of abstract color lights floating in the darkness to create a feeling of exploration. Audio is recorded from google translation of numbers, which is systematic. The wood sculpture will be placed in front of the video. It is built in abstract and dreamy shapes, which is a miniature of mountains and pathway. In the pathway, LED lights is mapping with the audio number counting. Photographs will be presented on the both side of wood sculpture. 


Multimedia Installation



LED Mapping




Processing / JAVA

4 X 5 film 

Adobe Premier

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