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Branding, Motion, and Editorial Design [ Brochure] by

Weidi Zhang

MADE [at] UCSB is the Media Arts and Technology (MAT) program’s End of Year Show (EoYS) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Showcasing graduate student work that connects media art, design and engineering, MADE [at] UCSB represents the mission of MAT: to enable the creation of hybrid work that informs both the scientific and aesthetic discourses.


The exhibition features installations, performances, concerts, and technical presentations by over 30 artists, scientists, and engineers from the MAT (community and beyond), AlloSphere Research Facility, Experimental Visualization Lab, Four Eyes Lab, RE Touch Lab, Systemics Lab, and transLAB. Community and beyond. A diverse selection of work spans virtual reality, robotics, quantum physics, machine learning, electronic music, and many other transdisciplinary subjects.

The Visual Branding Logo is vinyl printed and displayed on the exhibition wall of the main entrance. The main motion graphics are displayed on the digital screen in the exhibition space. A brochure is designed and published. Postcards and stickers are printed and sent out to visitors on the exhibition day.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 3.37.36 AM.png

Design Idea: OCR-A is a font that arose in the early days of computer optical character recognition when there was a need for a font that could be recognized not only by the computers of that day but also by humans. OCR-A uses simple, thick strokes to form recognizable characters. I manipulate this typeface, get rid of the round edges, simplify the shapes - to create and emphasize the idea of machine, system and made.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.34.28

Design Idea: The visual design is inspired by Punched card and VR headset. The punched card refers to as an earlier platform to contain digital data, while the VR headset is a device that connects reality and simulation. This design tends to bridge both ideas by symbolizing punched card and transforming it into the shape of VR headset in generative art aesthetic.

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