3d Data Visualization

of News searched in Centre Pompidou Library 
from March 13th to March 26th

What news people are interested most in current information overload society? What is people's habit to read news? what is the form of news aesthetically? This project is a 3d data visualization of the news searched in Centre Pompidou Library from March 13th to March 26th. By visualizing news data through algorithm, an interactive inside-out struture was formed and open to be explored as an informative narrative space. 


Design Idea:

Invisible = In Visible


wireframe - related to architecture blueprint | music notation represents date of the event


simplify the 3-D model wireframe by using a 2-D symbolic model.  


Customize the Gotham typeface by emphasizing the idea of 'invisible' and 'visible', 'construction' and 'deconstruction', 'connection' and 'disconnection'


Color Scheme is related to MAT identity – black and white.

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