Weidi Zhang’s Ph.D Qualifying Exam


  • Prof. George Legrady (chair)

  • Prof Marko Peljan

  • Prof Curtis Roads



  • Spatial data visualization

  • Image-classification algorithms

  • Non-linear narrative

  • Immersive experience 【 audio-visual interactive 】



+ + VR history & Theory

Into the belly of image, historical aspects of virtual reality by Oliver Grau


Virtual Reality, a brief survey by Namrata Singh &  Sarvpal Singh


+ + Images Classification & Assemblage

Is deep dreaming the new collage? [2017]
Margaret A. Boden

Modeling the world from internet photo collection

Noah Snavely · Steven M. Seitz · Richard Szeliski

+ + Image & Autonomous & Simulation & Narrativity

What is an image? Harold Cohen

Schizophrenia and Narrative in Artificial Agents

++ Non Linear Narrative  & Computational Composition in Cyberspace 

Marjorie Perloff: Radical Artifice concrete poetry

The future of novel [1964]

William Burroughs

Matei Calinescu: The Five Faces of Modernity

Recombinant Poetics | VS | OULIPO [2000] Bill Seaman

An Experiment in Computational Composition , Marcos Novak

Virtual assembly using virtual reality techniques [1997] 

Sankar Jayaram, Hugh I Connacher and Kevin W Lyons*

Towards a philosophy of Virtual Reality: issues implicit in “unconsciousness reframed” [2000]

Crafting virtual reality [2018]

Lynne Heller

++ Collage & Musique concrète

collage, montage and the composer Pierre henry:

The real, the concrete, the abstract in sound art and music

++ Sound Spatialization and narrativity

Chapter 4 - Creating sound materials​

Chapter 8 - Articulating space

Chapter 10 - Sonic narrative

Composing Electronic Music - A New Aesthetic, Curtis Roads

Reader related


Related History




Giovanni Battista Bracelli





Immersed in Technology

Collage in Twentieth-Century Art, Literature, and Culture / Joseph Cornell, William Burroughs, Frank O' Hara, and Bob Dylan

Rona Cyan [2016]

Collage and Architecture

Jennifer A. E. Shields [2014]

Immersed in Technology: Art and Virtual Environments 

Bargain Price [1996]


+Optional Articles

Intermedia [1966 ]  Dick Higgins

Depth map generation by image map classification

CollageMachine An Interactive Agent of Web Recombination

constructivism meets Virtual Reality

Progressive Feedback Point Cloud Rendering for Virtual Reality Display





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