An Immersive AudioVisual by

Weidi Zhang



Weidi Zhang


Weilu Ge


Shaoyu Su

- A B O U T   A S T R O -

In Astro, our earth, the only astronomical object is known to harbor life, is unfolded through the lens of an intelligent being in outer space. As it rotates lens to zoom in and out, the journey of observation brings the multi-scale discoveries of ecological changes and machinic visions with an artistic imagination: from a vast forest where the flames roar into the wild creatures to the melting iceberg revealing hidden information, from the diagrams of ancient pseudoscience (astrology) to the latent walk of AI’s generation, from the data-driven landscape to the algorithmic generative visuals, from climate change to the creature’s migration.


This audio-visual work poses a question: why explore space in the context of known and unknown as well as folding and unfolding.



Astro Series are exhibited in two formats: 

Full Dome Projection Show Astro 2021 was performed at Planetarium 1 in St Petersberg [ Russia ] as part of the METAXIS Festival [Full Dome Show] curated by Anastasia Skabelkina.  This festival was held to celebrate 60 years anniversary of the first manned flight into space. 

Large Scale Projection on a facade Astro_CityJungle was exhibited as a large-scale projection on the City Light Art Museum as the main opening show for this new museum in Shenzhen [China].

The alien's telescope concept of Astro allows this multi-format audiovisual experience.  


Please select 4k or at least 1080 HD to watch this video.

A Headphone is recommended for the better experience.

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Dome Mock Up View of The Whole Performance [ 8'15'' ]

Original Video / The Whole Performance [ 8'15'' ]